Call for Proposals for Biomarker Validation

The road from the discovery of a potential biomarker to its use in the clinic can be long, expensive and risky. Pre-clinical validation is the essential first hurdle that researchers need to pass. It allows them to objectively assess the potential clinical application of their biomarker and increases their chances to secure an investment, because the risk for investors has been substantially reduced.

IBBL is an autonomous not-for-profit institute dedicated to helping researchers bridge the gap between bench and bedside. To accelerate the translation of biomarkers into the clinic, IBBL has developed a biomarker validation service, which it now launches with a call for proposals. IBBL’s scientific leaders have many years of experience in biomarker validation and a track record of bringing products to market. Its team of experts ensures that the design and execution of biomarker validation studies is done to the highest standards.

A free biomarker validation for the selected proposal*

For the successful applicant (“the client”), IBBL will carry out all the steps of pre-clinical validation at no cost to the client. This includes pre-analytical and analytical validation, a clinical verification pilot study and a comparison to gold standards. In the end, the client gets a validation report and recommendations, which is what he/she needs to enter into business negotiations or production steps.

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For more information about the call for proposals, the eligibility criteria and application process, please see the call documents below.

Call documents :

Call deadline:

31st  Mar 2016 at 17:00 CET


Fay Betsou, PhD, HDR

Chief Scientific Officer

T: + 352 26970 – 520


* According to conditions set out in the call guidelines. 
** After the call and selection of candidate(s) to benefit from the offer, IBBL will retain a copy of the contact names and organisations of applicants for future communications on the subject of biomarkers and biobanking.