Identification of Evidence-Based Biospecimen Quality-Control Tools

F. Betsou, E. Gunter, J. Clements, Y. DeSouza, K.A.B. Goddard, F. Guadagni, W. Yan, A, Skubitz, S. Somiari, T. Yeadon, R. Chuaqui

The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page 3-16

Control of biospecimen quality that is linked to processing is one of the goals of biospecimen science. There is a lack of consensus regarding optimal sample quality control (QC) tools (markers/assays). The aim of this review is to identify QC tools, both for fluid and solid tissue samples, based on a comprehensive and critical literature review. The most readily applicable tools are those where a threshold for the preanalytical variation and a reference interval of the QC analyte are known. Few meaningful markers that meet these criteria were identified, such as the CD40L for assessing serum exposure at high temperatures, or VEGF for assessing serum freeze-thawing. Multiple QC markers are needed to fully assess biospecimen quality and we present the most promising biospecimen QC tools that were identified. Full text PDF Publisher