Luxembourg joins EATRIS

Translational medicine is the transformation of laboratory research outcomes into new ways to diagnose and treat patients to improve the health of millions of people worldwide. It takes promising biomedical innovations ‘from bench to bedside’ and bridges clinical needs from bedside to bench.

EATRIS provides a new development pathway, open to researchers and companies in need of support for advancing biomedical innovations. EATRIS comprises over 70 leading academic institutions across Europe, each renowned for its individual and high-end research facilities.

This infrastructure provides the following advantages:

  • Single point of access to the right expertise and facilities
  • Expedites the development process
  • Access to large and diverse clinical patient cohorts

As the Luxembourg National Director to EATRIS, Dominic Allen, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IBBL, articulates: “IBBL is thrilled that Luxembourg has become part of EATRIS. Being part of EATRIS will open up new opportunities for IBBL with its wide range of services to offer in support of biomedical research, and for many other Luxembourg-based organisations with their advanced technology platforms. We are excited to share our expertise and join this European translational medicine effort.”