Let’s make poop at the Researchers’ Days

For the 4th time in a row, IBBL’s (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg) researchers are sharing their passion for biomedical science at the Researchers’ Days. On Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd December, young and old are invited to perform a hands-on experiment to create stool from food, and simultaneously discover the millions of bacteria that inhabit the human gut.

Researchers' Days 2016Coined in 2008 by the Luxembourg National Research Fund and its partners, the Researchers’ Days are held every other year with the aim of making science approachable to the general public. This year, the Rockhal in Esch Belval is turning into a gigantic research lab with a total of 23 educational workshops. Whereas the outreach event is today limited to secondary schools, the doors are open to the public tomorrow from 10.00 to 18.00.

At IBBL, we take very seriously our role in communicating with society about the impact of scientific research on our daily life. The participants will get their hands dirty at our booth as they embark on an interactive journey through the human digestive system, from the mouth and the stomach, to the intestines and the rectum. They will undoubtedly have lots of fun while unravelling the millions of organisms that inhabit our gut, as well as their mysterious role in mediating health and disease. Over the last five years, intestinal bacteria have been put under the microscope as links with diseases such as diabetes have been established. To understand better the why and how of this complex interaction, researchers need stool samples and detailed information about the donor’s diet. The BioBank is dedicated to advancing research further and is therefore preparing to launch a widespread collection of such samples amongst healthy volunteers, which would then be made available to researchers in Luxembourg and beyond. At the moment, we are finalising approval from the national ethics and data protection committees. Stay tuned!

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Photo credits: @IBBL