IBBL is moving to bigger facilities – in November

The cartons and moving boxes are piling up at IBBL, as the relocation of the biobank is just around the corner. In the course of November, IBBL’s operations and staff will move to new, permanent and enlarged facilities located at 1, rue Louis Rech, L-3555 Dudelange.

With a 2,000 m² environment, including 500 m² for the biorepository and 1,000 m² for the laboratories, the new building will bring another dimension to IBBL’s activities. This extra space will allow the biobank to separate the different types of its operations and perform multiple tasks in parallel while avoiding cross-contamination. It is also worth mentioning that the relocation comes along with more flexibility in the range of the services that IBBL offers its partners and clients.

The new building, which is located in Dudelange, Luxembourg, is connected to the Laboratoire National Santé and shared with the Laboratoire de la Médecine Vétérinaire de l’Etat. The floor area allocated to IBBL has been designed to specifically fit its technical and operational needs. This offer was brought by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Eduction and Research to IBBL back in 2015. At that time, IBBL had been growing significantly and the capacity of the current building was likely to restrain its development.

The actual move is designed in two phases. Priority was given to the long-term storage, so that the freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks would be validated and fully operational when the lab work starts in Dudelange. It is critical for IBBL to guarantee the continuity of its services to its partners and clients. That’s why it is planned to set up and validate duplicated equipment in the new building before moving the corresponding operations. On the D-days, a specialised moving company will help IBBL with the packing and the safe transportation of its equipment and material to destination, ensuring the integrity of the samples in stock. These 400,000 and more samples will remain the whole time in the freezers and tanks, and the trucks, equipped with generators, will be escorted by the Luxembourgish police.

Follow the move in live step by step via our social media channels.


Note to our partners, clients and suppliers: All deliveries and letters arriving at IBBL from 13 November onwards must be sent to our new address (1, rue Louis Rech, L-3555 Dudelange). Our phone numbers will remain unchanged, as will our billing and legal addresses.