Catherine Larue returns as CEO of IBBL

After almost 2-year interim as CEO of the Luxembourg Institute of Health, Catherine Larue resumes her former position as CEO of IBBL. Her return comes at a pivotal moment, when IBBL is transferring its operation to a new location and is about to renew its performance contract for 2018-2021 with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

“Guiding the LIH and working in an academic setting was a tremendous learning experience, which opened up my eyes in many respects. I am delighted to be back in the cockpit of IBBL, more motivated than ever before to keep up the fantastic job that Marc Vandelaer and the whole team accomplished in the last two years”, said Dr Catherine Larue.

Marc Vandelaer assumed the role of interim CEO of IBBL, whilst Dr Larue had taken over the general management of the LIH from 1 January 2016. “With the help of a great team behind me, I look forward to leading IBBL on its course to becoming an international centre of excellence in biobanking”, Marc Vandelaer commented back in 2016. Mission mostly accomplished, one could say.

During this interim, Marc Vandelaer kept on pursuing IBBL’s strategic goals. Under his management, the IBBL team succeeded in fostering new synergies both at national and international level with a partnership with the European organisation EORTC and new collaborations between Luxembourg and France within the scope of cancer and population cohorts. Through 16 new service contracts, IBBL increased and diversified its sample collection from 222,409 to 500,563 samples. 2 European and 3 national grants were also added to the portfolio.

“I am grateful for the support of my colleagues, IBBL’s management and teams, all the way through the interim. I am proud that we have helped IBBL reach a certain maturity and become an established and valuable actor in biomedical research” concluded Marc Vandelaer, who has now resumed his role as Chief Information Officer.

With its upcoming move to permanent facilities and new performance contract, IBBL has plenty of work ahead. Dr Larue is fully aware of the tasks that await her and she is determined to maintain a harmonious collaboration with all the local partners and to strengthen cooperations abroad.

Photo credits: Luxembourg Feminin – Sandy Keipes