Rotary Europe 4 Europe’s visit to IBBL

On Tuesday July 24th, IBBL welcomed 22 students from all over Europe for a guided visit of its new facilities under the Rotary’s Europe 4 Europe cultural awareness programme.

Europe 4 Europe is a biannual cultural exchange programme organised by the Rotary clubs of the six founding nations of the European Union with the aim of allowing over 20 young people from various EU countries to visit Italy, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg. This year, the initiative – which is now at its 6th edition – was organised by 11 Rotary clubs from the six member states, with Rotary Hearts being the main host club for Luxembourg.

The objective of the Luxembourgish visit was to allow the participants to explore the key EU institutions headquartered in Luxembourg, as well as the country’s growing research and innovation (R&I) landscape. Within this context, IBBL was identified as a representative example of the thriving national life science research community.

During the guided tour, the students had the opportunity to understand more about IBBL’s operations, from the traditional biobanking services of sample storage and collection, to the sample processing and biospecimen research activities that characterise its service offer. Specifically, the visit included a general presentation on biobanking, with particular reference to IBBL’s Luxembourg collection and research partners, followed by a tour of the biorepository and biorefinery departments.

“We are very happy to have welcomed the Europe 4 Europe participants to our brand new facilities in Dudelange. Indeed, it is part of our mission to regularly host and take part in such outreach activities. Not only does this increase the understanding of our activities and their benefits for patients among the general public, but it also ultimately contributes to inspiring the next generation of young European scientists”, declares Arnaud d’Agostini, Head of Marketing and Communication at IBBL.

To complete the 4-day trip to Luxembourg, Europe 4 Europe participants also visited two important European institutions, namely the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ), as well as the Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR).

The 2018 Europe 4 Europe edition took place from July 7th to July 25th, with the visit to Luxembourg being held from July 22nd to July 25th.