Scientific Advisory Board meeting

As part of its continuous efforts to guarantee the quality of its services and samples, IBBL’s management committee reviews the biobank’s progress, objectives and strategy on a yearly basis. The resulting strategic plan is then submitted to IBBL’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), a panel of external international experts which provides an objective opinion and strategic advice. The SAB assists IBBL in refining its strategy and provides recommendations which, though non-binding, constitute an invaluable and impartial guidance.

IBBL’s SAB is composed of three internationally renowned specialists in the domain of biobanking: Prof. Geraldine Thomas from Imperial College London, Prof. Dr. Michael Hummel from the Charité Berlin and Dr. Philippe Grédy from LFB Biomédicaments.

The annual meeting, which took place on October 15th at IBBL’s premises in Dudelange, provided the opportunity for the members of the SAB and IBBL’s management committee to engage in fruitful discussions regarding the biobank’s future directions and for the former to visit the new biorepository and laboratory facilities.