IBBL supports the launch of a European gut microbiome test in Luxembourg

The gut microbiome – the microbial population living in the human intestine – has been shown to play an important role in human health, being involved in basic human biological processes such as metabolism, immunity and inflammation. Alterations in its composition have been associated with an array of pathologies, from inflammatory bowel disease and diabetes mellitus, to liver diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. The genetic analysis of the microbiome can therefore provide valuable insights into the health and well-being state of an individual.

In this context, Luxia Scientific developed the novel “1test1TM”, a CE-marked stool-based In Vitro Diagnostic test aimed at analysing the bacterial content of the gut microbiome. This analysis is a powerful approach to support personalised care and is currently underused. “1test1TM” allows patients to find out about bacterial diversity, as well as the relative abundance of many bacteria that have been identified for their beneficial role in health. Patients collect their stool sample through a specialised kit, ship it via a pre-paid envelope and receive their results in the form of a detailed report.

IBBL was selected to provide sample processing services to support the test. Namely, it will perform the extraction of microbial DNA from the stool specimens, followed by quality control assays and 16S sequencing. The resulting sequencing data is subsequently sent to Luxia for further processing through its proprietary bioinformatics platform and for generation of easily comprehensible results for its client reports.

“The service offered by Luxia addresses a demand that will advance preventive nutrition and eventually personalised medicine. The microbiome being a major player in human health, its analysis will allow to put in place improved dietary advice and health plans, in particular for chronic disease patients. The strength of the test lies in the rigour of its scientific approach, based on today’s industry standards. Microbiome research is still an active area of research, which will eventually allow the full exploitation of these complex analyses.” explains Joël Doré, Research Director at INRA and Scientific Director at MetaGenoPolis.

“The partnership between Luxia and IBBL is strategic as we want to provide our customers with the best possible service quality. IBBL offers a research infrastructure integrated with biobanking services: from sample storage to analysis. All of which is performed under the highest international quality standards. The analysis of the gut microbiome is a complex task, the choice of IBBL was the result of a thorough selection and based on its technical performances.” states Alessandra Cervino, CEO of Luxia.

“1test1TM” is now available online both in France and Luxembourg.