2018 Pump Prime Fund Awardees announced at annual PMC Retreat

On December 10th 2018, Luxembourg’s researchers and clinicians gathered at the eight edition of the annual retreat of the Personalised Medicine Consortium (PMC). The event was an opportunity to exchange knowledge, provide updates on the progress of ongoing projects and announce the three awardees of the 2018 PMC Pump Prime Fund.

The successful development of new therapies in the context of personalised medicine relies on the tight interaction between Luxembourg’s biomedical research sector and the clinical practice. In order to promote a constructive dialogue between researchers and clinicians, the Personalised Medicine Consortium (PMC) was created back in 2010 with the aim of fostering new research collaborations addressing unmet clinical needs in the field of personalised medicine.

Every year, clinicians and researchers from IBBL (Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg), the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH), the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), the Laboratoire National de Santé (LNS) and the Life Sciences Research Unit (LSRU) of the University of Luxembourg gather for a 1-day conference to update each other on the progress of their research projects and to discuss potential new collaborations.

This year, the PMC retreat was hosted by the LCSB and held at the Maison du Savoir of the University of Luxembourg in Belval. Presentations fell under three main focus areas, namely genotypic variation and epigenetics, microbiome and the environment and inflammation. IBBL was represented by Lorieza Castillo, who presented the biobank’s microbiome sampling, processing and storage practices.

After the interventions, the three awardees of the 2018 edition of the Pump Prime Fund and their respective projects selected for funding were announced:

  • Elisabeth Letellier (LSRU): Integrated multi-omics profiling of primary tumors and metastases from colorectal cancer patients: towards tailor-made therapies (MetPC);
  • Feng He (LIH): Comprehensive peripheral immune status assessment in Parkinson’s disease patients (CoPImmunoPD);
  • Joël Mossong (LNS): Metagenomics for determining the infectious aetiology of pediatric and adult meningo-encephalitis: a pilot study.