European pharmaceutical companies visit Luxembourg’s research institutes

On May 21, Luxembourg’s biomedical research institutes will be welcoming representatives of the European pharma world for a guided visit of their R&D facilities, organised by the Luxembourg Pharmaceutical Association (Association Pharmaceutique Luxembourgeoise – APL).

About 20 to 30 participants from the Research & Development (R&D) board of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), as well as medical directors of Luxembourgish, Belgian and Dutch pharmaceutical industry, are expected for the visit, which will take place at the new facilities of the National Health Laboratory (Laboratoire National de Santé – LNS) and IBBL in Dudelange.

The first part of the day will entail introductory presentations of the LNS, LIH and IBBL. Namely, IBBL’s CEO Dr Catherine Larue and Project Manager Dr. Kristin Kornerup will be presenting IBBL’s involvement in Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) projects. Indeed, IBBL is currently participating in the consortia of five IMI studies, specifically CANCER-ID, LITMUS, IMMUCAN, CardiaTeam and ValueDx. The presentations will be followed by a guided tour of the LNS and IBBL facilities and by an intervention by a representative of the Luxembourgish Ministry of Health.

The afternoon session will start with an introduction to the University of Luxembourg and of the Luxembourg Centre of Systems Biomedicine (LCSB), followed by a series of presentations on joint projects between Luxembourg and European partners. The discussions will focus on translational infrastructures, such as Clinnova and ELIXIR, as well as on ongoing translational programmes, such as the National Centre for Excellence in Research in Parkinson’s Disease (NCER-PD).

Ultimately, the goal of the visit is to strengthen collaboration with the European pharmaceutical industry and foster potential partnerships with Luxembourg medical institutions.