Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg–University of Luxembourg: University Biobanking Certificate

Castellanos-Uribe M, May ST and Betsou F.

Biopreservation and Biobanking, February 2020, Volume 18, Number 1.


Biospecimens have become a strategic tool for healthcare and medical research as well as for translational and systems biology studies through all types of –omics applications. Animal and plant conservation research have also been benefited by the use of biospecimens. In the last 15 years, optimal management of biospecimens and bioresources via biobanking has developed into a new discipline. Biobanking is multidisciplinary and covers aspects ranging from scientific, cryobiological, technical and quality assurance topics to managerial, logistical, regulatory and specific ethical issues. The Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg (IBBL), in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg, realized there was no university-level course on biobanking, be it academic or corporate which covered all these subjects. It was also evident that a trans-disciplinary biobanking course would be very helpful not just to people working in biobanks, but also to those starting in this field that have the scientific background but not the practical experience in the management and operation of a biobank. In an effort to share their biobanking expertise, IBBL- University of Luxembourg developed a lifelong learning course that uniquely combines environmental (animal, plant, microbial) and clinical principles of biobanking into one trans-disciplinary university certificate covering all technical, scientific and ethical/legal aspects.