IBBL is an autonomous institute, organised within the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH). The IBBL community is made up of a Board of Directors (LIH Board of Directors), a Management Committee, and the remainder of the IBBL staff.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for basic oversight, review of operations and for ensuring that the institute continues to meet goals and objectives. The Board of Directors shall determine the strategic orientations of activities of the institute and shall ensure their implementation in order to allow for the fulfilment of the institute purposes.

The Board of Directors includes the following members:

President of the Board,
Orthopedic surgeon, Hôpitaux Robert Schuman, Zithaklinik
Nadine Catherine MARTIN
Vice-President of the Board,
Head of Innovation Management, Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine (sitem-insel) (Switzerland)
Member of the Board,
Director General, Federal agency for medicines and health products
Stéphanie DAMGÉ
Member of the Board,
Chief Executive Officer, Jonk Entrepreneuren (Luxembourg)
Member of the Board,
Member of the Board,
Director Institute for Clinical Genetics, University Dresden (Germany)
Member of the Board,
VP Public Affairs, Boson Energy
Member of the Board,
Medical doctor specialised in Urology
Viviane BREMER
Member of the Board,
Head of Division for HIV/AIDS, STI and Bloodborne Infections, Robert Koch Institute (Germany)
Xavier POOS
Member of the Board,
“Commissaire de Gouvernement”, Ministry of Health (Luxembourg)

Management Committee

The Management Committee includes the senior IBBL leadership. The Management Committee has responsibility for all operations of IBBL, including the distribution of samples, and other activities as assigned by the Board of Directors.

The Management Committee is composed of:

Catherine LARUE
Chief Executive Officer
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dominic-allen-smallDominic ALLEN
Chief Operating Officer
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marc-vandelaer-smallMarc VANDELAER
Chief Information Officer
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fay-betsou-smallFay BETSOU
Chief Scientific Officer
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karl-dick-smallKarl-Heinz DICK
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
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sabine-lehmann-smallSabine LEHMANN
Quality Manager
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laurent-antunes-smallLaurent ANTUNES
Chief Clinical Department / Pathologist
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arnaud-dagostini-smallArnaud D’AGOSTINI
Head of Marketing & Communication
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Our Staff

Our staff is composed of: