We work with a great number of public and private sector partners. Collaborations and partner networks allow us to work more efficiently, learn from our colleagues and share information, knowledge and experiences.

Our approach to partnering is to be open, flexible and adaptable. Within partnership, our role can range from straightforward sub-contracting to research leadership, depending on our partners’ needs. We collaborate with organisations and individuals on biospecimen collection projects, research, industrial projects, and provide samples and services to our clients.

We also participate in large multi-national research consortia, including FP7, IMI and JPND, and work closely with the International Society for Environmental and Biological Repositories (ISBER) to provide Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes to laboratories working with biospecimens.

Click on the map below to get a closer look at our partners & clients (not subject to confidentiality restrictions):

Given the diversity of our partnerships, we have developed a policy that outlines our expectations regarding acknowledgement or authorship in scientific publications resulting from collaborations. The principles of this policy depend on the type of contribution we have made to the research project and are summarised below:

  • Contribution of samples from our collection: acknowledgement
  • Contribution of samples prospectively collected according to our standard operating procedures : acknowledgement
  • Contribution of sample prospectively collected according to project-specific standard operating procedures that we have developed and validated for the client/partner: co-authorship
  • Contribution of sample analyses (other than quality control) such as immunohistochemistry, sequencing and genotyping, miRNA profiling, cytokine or P-protein profiling : co-authorship.

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